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Dr. Philippe Chout reviews Beauty Design Surgery in Paris

Welcome to my cosmetic surgery website. I am Doctor Philippe Chout, qualified plastic surgeon in Paris and Geneva, and I have a real passion for revealing Beauty and Attractiveness through cosmetic surgery...


Doctor Philip Chout non-surgical techniques include skin resurfacing prescriptions, skin peels, lasers, dermal fillers for collagen replacement, dermaroller needling, often using hyaluronic acid ( for example Juvederm Tm, Perlane Tm or Restylane Tm and muscle relaxing injection with botulic toxin (Botox Tm).


Doctor Philip Chout cosmetic surgery operation includes facelift, neck lift, midface lift, brow and eyes lift, rhinoplasty , nose reshaping surgery, chin reduction , chin augmentation genioplasty, liposuction, fat transfert lipofilling, lips augmentation or reduction, temporal lift, Beuaety Desing surgery ...

Unlike other medical disciplines, plastic cosmetic surgery is not just an exact science where all practitionners should deliver an identical result. Every cosmetic surgeon has its personality and style. My style and welknon skill is to deliver natural Beauty and attractiveness. When it comes to the facial harmony and attractiveness it may be appropriate to find someone who is not just a facelift specialist or a rhinoplasty specialist, but who would be able to combine harmoniously all the facial cosmetic surgery procedures. The cosmetic surgeon you will choose, as well as having expertise gained in medical science and surgery, must have a good taste and an intimate knowledge of Beauty, that may not be taught in the University or by scientific societies... I have been lucky enough to receive a special teaching directly from talented cosmetic Surgeons from varied countries, especially Brazil, and I really noticed that when it comes to Beauty, Knowledge is good but may not be enough. It is a little bit like music where inspiration and delicateness in the execution and talent make a real difference...

The surgical procedures That I Dr. Philippe Chout qualified plastic surgeon , most frequently perform in Paris are the following : Rhinoplasty is the nose reshaping surgery,. Face lift or facelift or rhytidectomy, neck Lift, temporal brow lift . Facial contouring eyebags removal and fat removal with blepharoplasty are popular facial surgery procedures. Body contouring surgery includes Liposuction, micro fat-grafting, fat removal to the abdomen, hips, thighs, sometimes fat transfer for breast augmentation (cleavage) or for buttocks augmentation and buttlift. Breast enlargement and augmentation with silicone implants, and breast reduction or up-lift, tummy tuck abdominoplasty after pregnancy. Dr Philippe Chout bad scar's treatments reviews : Scar revision

These are the aesthetic cosmetic surgery elective procedures performed by Doctor Philippe Chout, board-certified plastic surgeon in Paris and Switzerland. Operations prices and procedures cost are explained here.


Dr. Philippe Chout's consultations take place in a private office located, 21 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, next to the U.S Cathedral. The Office practice for consultations, and the surgery centre for the operations are located in the lavish 8th arrondissement of Paris. all operations shall take place in Paris the Clinic, located in world reknown Champs Elysées avenue. The Clinic and the private Office are very close to each other in the the same district. Operation also take place at Clinique du MontLouis close to Bastille. You can find more directions in Dr. Philippe Chout's website further down in this page, and on a Google map at the bottom of the page.

Doctor Philippe Chout was trained in France by the best plastic surgeons during his residency in Paris from year1989 to 1996. He has been a senior registrar for two more years from 1996 to 1998 at the Ambroise Paré Hospital , University of Wesy Paris and got there a deeper knowledge of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He trained also in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Chout is on the physician register, as a specialit in plastic reconstructive & aesthetic surgery with the French General Council in Paris (Ordre des Mécedins number 64 900-75) and in Switzerland (41387).
Dear Patients, I, Doctor Philippe Chout do not practice in the United Kingdom anymore.

I did not apply in 2015 for further licence to practice with the General Medical Council,the GMC. I did apply for voluntary erasuere of the Register. I decided to stop definitively my practice in the UK in 2015, thus do not practice in London any more. All my consultations take place in either Geneva or Paris. All the operations and consultations take place in Paris, where I now have a new private office as well, conveniently located in Champs Elysées area. I am on the specialist register in Paris the local council is Ordre des Mécedins, number 64 900-7 in a continous manner since 1998.. I am on the specialist register in Switzerland (41387) Mebeko since 2009.
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Having cosmetic surgery is a major decision. It can be expensive and involve large sums of money, be time consuming, and the results can't be guaranteed. Cosmetic surgery is not an exact science, and the outcome largely depends on the patients tissue quality. Sometimes people feel that having cosmetic surgery will help solve a problem in their life and will make their life better. It's important to ask yourself why you want to have cosmetic surgery. It is require to discuss your plans with your Doctor your General Practionner (GP) before going ahead with treatment. He or She may be involved in the after-care if you reside abroad.

If you decide to have surgery, be absolutely sure about your reasons for wanting to have it and don't rush into it. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to eithr restore or repair the face or the body. The aesthetic surgery wilrejuvenate or enhance the appearance. Rejuvenation and enhancement through cosmetic surgery involves removal or reshaping of skin, fat, sometimes the muscle layer or cartilage or bone tissue. You can research cosmetic surgery information on the internet and read them at home. You will find on the net info about plastic cosmetic surgery for Women and info for Men.

If You are contemplating cosmetic surgery. Read info about cosmetic surgery procedures advantages, disavantage, risks, cost & prices.

It is also advisable to watch before after videos and photos. Pictures are a convenient manner for patients to get news, information and review. Patients will share the experiences of previous Doctor Philippe Chout’’s clients. It is a convenient manner to get the insiders knowledge of the evaluation of services by previous clients and customers. You will take your time at home before and after consultations to read the the pros and cons of each aesthetic surgery procedure, and compare with non-invasive treatments available. It is worth it to compare medicine and surgery and find out the most effective and value for money. If you decide to have cosmetic surgery, it's important for you the patient that the surgeon and other healthcare professionals carrying out the procedure are fully qualified and experienced in the type of procedure you're having. You should listen to words of mouth recommendations from your friends and acquaintances. You the patient should discuss the procedure in detail with your surgeon. He should show you videos (better than photos) of his previous work Ask as many questions as you need to say the ppossible complications., you're fully aware of what the procedure involves, how it will be carried out, what the results might be, and what happens if anything goes wrong , that is ot say . All the surgeons have experienced complications, but a good surgeon will know how to sort it out and bring the patient on the normal path.

dr philippe chout plastic cosmetic surgeon Paris France



- Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery

- Chin augmentation , chin reduction genioplasty

- Lips permanent augmentation, VY palsty or bull horn

- Lips reduction

- Cheeks reduction Bichat fat pad removal

- Eyeids rejuvenation Blepharoplasty

- Eyes external corner lift canthopexy and canthoplasty

- Eyebrows lift and eyes lift : temporal midface lift

- Face and neck lift, rhytidectomy

- Breast augmemntation

- Breast uplft, mastopexy

- Breast uplift and augmentation : augmented mastopexy

- Inverted nipple correction

- Liposuction, fat removal body contouring surgery

- Fat tranfer lipofilling , Lipostructure

- Tummy tuck addominoplaty

Before your cosmetic surgery.. Finding the right Plastic Surgeon is frequently a difficult undertaking.

The consultation is a crucial moment and quite often two or more preoperative consulations are necessary. Doctor P. Chout believes that an informed and educated patient is best prepared for surgery. At the Consultation I, Dr. P. Chout will examine you carefully, discuss the procedure thoroughly, discuss your expectations review the options; assess your suitability; make the goals the risks and benefits perfectly clear; make sure that you understand surgery limits side effects and the lenght of recovery time. I, Dr Philippe chout believe that aesthetic surgery should be reserved ot emotionnally stable financialy secure patients whith realistic expectations. He may refer you to a psychologist in order to make sure that you will benefit from the operation. Finally I will recommend the procedure (if any) he judges to be right for you considering effectiveness, safety, and cost. During the consulation you should express all your needs and concerns, and feel comfortable with his explanations and recommendations. You are always welcome for a second or a third consultation prior to surgery. Before a facial surgery procedure at least to or three consultations are necessary. Dr Chout advises you to never accept a "just you leave it to me" attitude from a surgeon, neither a too short consultation from someone who seems not available.

After your first consultation with Doctor Philippe Chout in Paris

The consultation costs 120 euros. It is wise to meet your Surgeon at least twice before the operation. After the first consultation always receive a long and detailed letter summarizing the content of the consultation diagnosis, a treatment proposal, a price estimate and recommendations as well as detailed schedule of consultations. Pre and postoperative prescriptions as well as information forms about the procedures will be attached. A second consultation will take place when you will feel ready.

Dr. Philippe Chout Videos before after cosmetic surgery

I am very proud to display my results and the natural Beauty and attractiveness obtained on ordinary wommen. The video tool allows for a better viewing and understandging of the different stages. There will always be a period of time with some bruising ,swelling and inconveniences...All patients displayed here heve given in writing their permission for filming and online dispmlay. I thank them very much for that. Otherwise no pictures of patients is ever shown.

This years old Lady didn't like her protruding nose and her gaunt eyes. She benefited from a facial Beauty Design surgery temporal mini-tuck and a rhinoplasty together with a fat transfert to the undereyes area. She now looks attractive , fresh and natural.

Dr. Philippe Chout Videos before after cosmetic surgery

This 39 years old Lady, had un-natural looking lips, and a gaunt facial appearance with heavy features, premature ageing, several descending lines and a lack of harmony in the mouth-lips-nose-cheeks-complex. She benefited from a Beauty Design surgery, I combined in one single operation a lips reduction, a facelift, a rhinoplasty, a fat transfer. An attractive and youthfull facial appearance and the gaze and personality revelation were obtained.


My speciality is the Beauty Design that is to say the facial Beautification by combining three or more procedures in one single anaesthesia.
I have a passion for beauty and an excellent understanding of aesthetics and lectures worldwide about it. This seceial understanding of the rules of natural Beauty has lead me to create the concept of "Beauty Design". Some women (21-35) who are considering having an operation done in order to improve globally the appearance of their face, and reveal their true Beauty may be suitable candidates.

Beauty Design's goal is to reveal your inner Beauty. Nevertheless not everyone is suitable for a Beauty Design. Each clinical case displayed in video is specific, and you should not identify yourself to any of them in particular, or assume that what has been achievable for them may automatically be achievable for you. The surgical concept of "Beauty Design" was created in 2002 in order to describe the aim of a surgical operation whose goals is to create "Beautyfication" as opposed to "rejuvenation". Rejuvenation is to restore an individual original features which have been altered by time (for example a 41 -70 year old person may undergo a Rejuvenation procedure). Its aim is not to create something that did exist previously. Many Plastic Surgeons are effcieient at rejuvenating aged faces after 55 year old via Facelift or Brow lift or blepharoplasty : as these are common operations. Fewer surgeons only are good at global beautyficication on a 30 something lady and using the common rejuvenation technique to Beautyfication do not produce Beautiful faces. Conversely, Beauty Design is a rare and creative attitude : revealing a young individual's natural Beauty which has previously been hidden by unbalanced features such as a large nose, a small chin, flat cheeks, hollowed eyes, dropping eyes , tired appearance or a dull and uneven skin. The challenge is to do it in one surgical operation only. Hence we are litteraly creating something new - this may require additionnal skills such as creativity and taste that are not as important in other cosmetic surgery procedures. Each person is different and therefore each Beauty Design is different. The goal is not to produce carbon copy faces, it is to create an original beautiful face which would look so natural that nobody would ever to guess that some surgery has been involved.

I, Dr. Philippe Chout have one priority: making sure that your surgery is safe and that your results are natural. Dr Philippe Chout plastic and cosmetic surgery operations range includes facelift /neck lift, brow lift and temporal lift, model lift, eyebag removal and eyelids rejuvenation surgery by blepharoplasty, nose reshaping surgery by rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or reduction, ear pinning back otoplasty, fat transfer procedure or fat removal surgery with liposuction and liposculpture, breast augmentation or enlargement with implants, breast reduction and breast uplift surgery, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, thigh or arm lift, buttocks lift, mole removal and scar revision.

Review Doctor Philippe Chout advices & recommendations after twenty years of experience in cosmetic surgery.




Témoignages audio .mp3 avis et recommandations de patientes du Docteur Philippe Chout

Mrs. S. London, review Dr. Philippe Chout services after a Temporal face lift plus fat transfer, rhinoplasty

Mrs. K. London, 30 years old ,review Dr. Philippe Chout services after a rhinoplasty and fat transfer

Miss. A. London, 22 years old, reviews Dr. Philippe Chout services after a liposuction, rhinoplasty and fat transfer.

Mrs. B. London, uk health care professional reviews Dr. Philippe Chout platic surgery services

Madame V. 45 ans à Genève, témoignage avis audio .mp3 après rhinoplastie et augmentation mammaire

Madame F. 39 ans, Paris, témoignage avis audio .mp3 après rhinoplastie et liposculpture avec transfert de graisse

Madame G. 36 ans, Paris, témoignage avis audio .mp3 après Lipoaspiration et augmentation mammaire

Madame B. 50 ans, Paris, Témoignage avis audio .mp3 après lifting et liposculpture par Dr. Philippe Chout

Madame C. 31 ans, Paris, Audio avis et recommandation de après une rhinoplastie

Madame A. 48 ans, après lifting du visage et lipofilling seins, avis et recommandation dr. Philippe Chout

Mrs Ai. 35 years old Portuguese Lady London, reviews Dr. Philippe Chout cosmetic surgery services

Dr. Chout will give you detailled informations about the surgery and its alternatives.

He shall review your specific needs, deliver a Price Estimate and evaluation of services cost.

Your Physician will share with you his expert's knowledge, opinions and advices about each operations and surgical techniques. He shall show you in videos the other patient’s experiences before after cosmetic surgery journey, with the inconvenient stages of the recovery, and reviews about the latest cosmetic surgery techniques. During your consultations, Doctor Philippe Chout will explain the usual post-op steps of the recovery, that is to say time-off work, bruising, swelling, and check if something in the result is gone wrong and need a retouching. He shall conduct a selection on the ground of mental health clearance, and then talk about psychological preparation. Most of the patients are very satisfied. In the unlikely case the patient would not be satisfied, your Physician shall follow the revisions policy agreed upon preoperatively. Dr. Philippe Chout will make sure that the patient is satisfied, by seing them regularly for postoperative consultations, evaluation of services and recovery, and retouching if required. Dr. Chout has legal protection and is insured for malpractice. Dr. Philippe Chout will always select the more reliable technique and the best quality clinic venues will be selected. The cost estimate will help you to plan the money side of your journey. All the expenses and costs will be detailed on a Price estimate document. There are special financing options.

Anaesthesia : Health check evaluations with a Consultant Anesthesiologist before the surgery.

The patient shall meet a consultant anesthesiologist, get information about the anaesthesia methods and get a blood test as well, as well as a cardiologist consultation checks with ECG.


Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery.

Review rhinoplasty costs, prices, advantages and disavantagse, risks, complications and results

Rhinoplasty definition is nose reshaping surgery. This is the well-known surgical operation that deals with either modifying the exterior shape of the nose and/or correcting a deviation of the nasal septum, which causes breathing discomfort (rhinoseptoplasty). It is possible to change the shape of the nose without changing the respiratory function and reciprocally. In the western people the rhinoplasty aim is to reduce the size of the nose, in the eastern and African nose it’s a reduction on the front view and sometimes and increase of the height of the nose bridge.

Cosmetic reasons for rhinoplasty.

Most people who dislike their nose have concerns about the bridge or the tip, or nostrils or columella (below the tip). At the bridge, or dorsum, people often complain about having a hump. Meanwhile, people who want to change the tip often see this part of the nose as being too wide, round, blobby, beaked or lacking in definition. Some people also dislike the length of their nose.

Medical reasons for septoplasty or rhinoplasty.

Other patients may opt for a rhinoplasty because of an injury to the nose, whereby the nose may be broken or bent following an accident of some kind. Others may have functional breathing problems relating to the nasal airways. In these cases, surgical interventions would be considered reconstructive, whereas for the majority of nose operations the surgery is classed as cosmetic. In Doctor Chout’s practice anyway, the operations are always done without any involvement of national insurance or any sort of private insurance, and are paid in full by the patients only.

Rhinoseptoplasty = septo-rhinoplasty

The septum is the cartilage « wall l» that separate the two sides of the nose. This « wall » may be deviated, inclined thus making the airway less permeable to the air, on one or both sides. While performing a rhinoplasty involving the anterior part of the nose and septum, the surgeon may have to perform a septoplasty as well. The sum of these two procedures done together is called a rhinoseptoplaty.The cost of this double procedure is higher than the cost of a simple rhinoplasty.

Nose operations such as rhinoseptoplasty are most commonly carried out to:

1. Alter the hump at the bridge of the nose
2. Reshape the tip of the nose, changing its shape and /or position
3. Alter the length of the nose

4. Alter the width of the nose

5. Alter the width of the nostrils, the heights of its insertion reduce the alar base
6. Restructure and reposition the nose after an injury 

7. Open up the nasal airways to help breathing, modify the septum’s position (septoplasty)

Reduction Rhinoplasty (frequent)

Doctor Philippe Chout prefers the close (scar-less technique), this technique is more difficult than the open technique and require more skills and self-confidence from the surgeon. You will have no incision and no scar on your columella. I will make cuts inside your nostrils to reach the bone and cartilage. Re-shaping the bone and the cartilage will then create the shape of your nose. The skin over your nose is left untouched an scarless and due to its elasticity, can shrink down to the new shape. Making the nose smaller and narrower may mean it is also necessary to make your nostrils smaller. This is done by making further cuts in the skin of the nostrils located at its threshold, which leave fine scars on each side. Your surgeon will advise you whether you may need this procedure.


Video before after a rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery.

This young Lady nose deformity benefited from a rhinoplasty. The natural appearance, the gaze and personality were preserved and enhanced ,reviews

Video before after rhinnoplasty, nose reshaping surgery by Doctor Philippe Chout

This Lady didn't like her nose side view appearance, but did not want to change the front view. She wanted to improve the nose's bump and the hanging columella She benefited from a rhinoplasty with an internal (cloed) approach. Obeserve the natural appearance from all angles, the gaze and personality were preserved.

Video before after a revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty

This young Lady, despite a previous rhinplasty done by another surgeon had a severe deformity, a deviation, a bump and a broad tip. She benefited from a revision rhinoplasty. The natural appearance, the gaze and personality were preserved and enhanced.

Video before / after rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, and lips augmentation.

This young Lady did not like the bump on her nose , the dropping tip and the thin lips... She benefited from a rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, bump removal and nose shortening and a subbtle lips augmentation according to her wish.


Video before / after rhinoplasty,nose reshaping surgery, chin augmentation temporal model lift.

Doctor Philippe Chout aesthetic plastic surgety on a 30 years old Lady, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, temporal model lift

Video before/after Lips augmentation by Hyaluronic acid injection

Video before after lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injections. Natural lips enhancement in 20 minutes. Observe tha naural attractiveness.

Video before/after Lips augmentation by Hyaluronic acid injection

Video before after lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injections. Natural lips enhancement in 20 minutes. Enjoy this very pretty face bearing no make up at all!


Dr. Philippe Chout reviews the synergistic effects of Temporal lift and fat grafting
avant lift temporal transfert graisse Dr Philippe Chout avis apres-lift-temporal-transfert-graisse-dr-philippe-chout-avis.jpg

The spectacular effects of a Temporal Lift combined to a fat transfer to cheekbones, tear through and nasolabial folds. This is I believe the best combination. The Operation is performed under sedation as a day case; total duration is two hours. The reasoning is the following : this lady in her early forties do not have any jowls. The jawline and neck are perfect and the face would not be improved by a mini-facelift ! Her actual problem is the loss of volume to tear through area and he sagging eyebrows that give the impresssion of a tired face or skin excess to the uppper eyelids... But it is a common mistake to perform a blepharoplasty and a mini-facelifft in this situation. Patients then do not end-up looking any younger or prettier! And they come to see me finally, often too late. They'd better understand these nuances in the first place ...

Review Beauty Design surgery results by Dr. Philippe Chout.

Result of a facial Beauty Design surgery performed by Dr. Chout video The Beauty Design surgery concept was created by Doctor Philippe Chout in 2002. A facial surgery is a Beauty Design when it combines three or more surgical proceduures in the same operation, with the goal to Beautify the face before the age of 40. Beauty Design surgery may include a facelift or not. The temporal lift that addresses the upper half or the face is more suitable. It is unusual for a Beauty Design to include a Facelit though, but the followwing case displayed in a before/ after video does. In all the cases, the Beauty Design operation is a bespoke combination of surgical procedures with the goal of facial Beautification. The goal is to reveal/create the Beauty and the Harmony for Younger women at the beginning of their lives. The Beauty Design candidate do not want to maintain their previous facial appearance. They just want to become themselves. A heavy psychological selection process involving meeting a psychologist for clearances always necessary.

Video before/after Beauty Design Surgery: rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, temporal lift.

This 32 years old Lady had a long and protruding nose, a gaunt facial appearance related to a lack of fat volume under the eyes, to the cheekbones and tear through. She benefited from a reduction rhinoplasty, a fat transfer to the under eyes tear through and cheekbones area, a temporal lift with an incision only in the hair above the eyebrows. A natural and youthful appearance of the midface and the nose and the gaze were obtained.


Upper Face : Temporal, Eyes and Brow Lift.

Forehead and temporal lift is different from the lower face and neck lift. This operation aim spcifically at lifting the upper par of the Face, that is to say midface , cheekbones the eyebrows, the corner of the eyes and temple area. For this cheek lift the incision is above the ear in the hair bearing scalp, some times going from one ear to the other. The addition of a face and neck lift to a temple and forehead lift is called full-face lift. It takes longer and it is obviously more expensive than a simple face and neck lift.

Read more about Temporal and brow lift ...



Blepharoplasty, Eyelids rejuvenation cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic eyelids rejuvenation surgery,is performed in order to remove fat and skin excess to the eyelids is called upper and /or lower blepharoplasty. This procdure dan be done under a twilight anaesthesia as a day case , or under general anaesthetic. The cost and price of a blepharoplasty is between 2500 euro and 6000 euro, according to Dr. Philippe Chout.

 Eyelids cosmetic surgery, eye-bags removal, eyelids lift, or double lid surgery for asian eyes westernization are blephraoplasty operations as well. the external canthopexy ( canthoplasty ) is something different : the purpose is to lift the external corner of the eyes in order to give the doe eyes. It is a Beutification operation, not a rejuvenation. For information abuout canthopexy pleae, visit Doctor Chout's Temporal Lift andt the Beauty Design surgery pages.

1-review-dr-philippe-chout-blepharoplsasty-eyelids-surgery-before-after-3 dr Philippe Chout reviews blepharoplasty eyelids surgery before after

Facelift surgery cost review, prices, advantages and disavantages, risks, complications and results.


Photo review Dr. Philippe Chout facelit results & scars quality.

Observe the good-looking oval and jawline, the perfect earlobe shape, the invisible scars, the fullness and youth of cheeks and cheekbones. Note the remarkable facial attractiveness of this 46 years old Lady !

Dr. Philippe Chout expert advice and recommendations before the Facelift operation.

The purpose of the facelift is rejuvenation by the reduction of lower face and neck sagging (ptosis) of jowls and loose lower cheeks and neck that is commonplace from about 40/50 years of age. Facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery. Face lift, neck lift, uper and midface procedure can be performed under intravenous sedation plus local anaesthetic ( day case) or under general anaesthesia, one or to nights stay in the hospital. It is advisable to make the appropriate diet changes such as stop smoking, no alcohol drinking for a month, balanced weight, hormonal status appraisal, recommends Doctor Philippe Chout. When the face look old and gaunt , and the skin look tired the combination of cosmetic surgery and non-invasie technique may work better. For a better result it the same time it is appropriate to sort out other skin blemishes and imperfections.

The principle of a face and neck lift operation by Doctor Philippe Chout, M.D, cosmetic surgeon.
 The principle is to make incisions in front of and behind the ears ending in the hair-bearing scalp and to detach the skin, and in some cases also the underlying skin muscles, and stretch them to restore some tone to a sometimes prematurely sagging face. Face lifting improves the jowls, cheeks, deepened naso-labial folds, neck folds and turkey’s neck. Facial aging being sometimes premature, this operation is sometimes performed around forty years old, although most often around fifty or in the following decade according to Doctor Chout

The Facelift treats a sagging neck and jawline and fat excess, but do not change the actual quality of the skin itself that may require additional specific treatment, if appropriate. A midface lift will address the sagging cheeks and brow. The facelift will have no effect on the lower neck wrinkles, on crow’s-feet or forehead lines, on bulging lower eyelids, nor on smaller wrinkles around the mouth, which can benefit from other specific treatments that would be charged separately.

Photo : review Dr. Philippe Chout and close-up on facelift scars

Observe the perfect shape of the earlobe, no pointy ears, the invisible scar, the preservation of the hair and sideburn position, the fullness and youth of the cheekbones...


MALE MACELIFT : the face and neck lift techniques for gentlemen

The facelift technique is different for Gentlemen : the scars are placed in front of the ears, and dissection is deaper in order to preserve beard hair follicules...

Age 50 : face and neck lift, eyelids rejuvenation surgery.

Patients aged 50 wish to get back their early 40 facial appearance. Usually people age fifty do not want to become somebody else, and they do not want other people to spot easily thtat cosmetic surgery was done. The challenge for the surgeon is to get a thorough rejuvenation, to take 10 to 15 years off teh facial appearance, while preserving the identity and personality.The combination of surgical techniques, and medicine treatments such as facepeels is very effective when appropriately selected and performed, here a facelift, a blepharoplasty eyelids surgery rejuvenation.There is always a period of time of 2 to 4 weeks before the rejuvenated face looks good.

Video of a face and neck lift on a 50 Lady who disliked her jowls, cheeks, eyes and nose.

The natural looking rejuvenation was obtained by the combination of facelift, liposcution to the neck and upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty, plus nose tip rhinoplasty revision.

Age 55 : Face and neck lift, liposuction, facepeel, eyelids blepharoplasty.

The patients aged 55-60 wish to get back to their early 40's appearance.

This 55 years old Lady do not want to become somebody else obviously. She wants to get here previous looks back. SHe do not want other people to spot easily that palstic surgery was done. The combination of surgical techniques, and medicine treatments such as facepeels, botox, fillers, to the surgery is very effective when procedures are appropriately selected and performed. Nevertheless , there will always be a period of 3 to 5 weeks before the patient looks good... I called this Lady Mrs Glass, because she had the impression that the loss of her good looks had made her beoce see-through, transparent for the gentlemen.

Video of Facelift and neck lift, upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty, TCA face peel.

This patient was rejuvenated by 15 years ! The neck, cheeks and gaze look natural. The light pinkness of the skin is related to the current use of Dr. Chout's skin resurfacing medical creams. Interestingly this video is also showing the early stages of the recovery, at day 1 and day 2, with the maximum possible swelling and bruising. Plastic surgery video tutorial by Dr. Philippe Chout, qualified plastic surgeon.


The benefits and advantages of having a facelift surgery done.

- Looking much younger
- Looking rested and relaxed
- Feeling rejuvenated and fresher
- Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
- Becoming more noticeable , less invible.
- Better appearance at diner party when bending forward to eat
- Ability to wear clothes with lower necklines
- No longer the need to hide behind a scarf / high-necked top
- Easier application of make-up
- Better appearance on pictures and photography.

Conclusion summarizing facelift, lower face rejuvenation surgery information.

In conclusion, the purpose of the face and neck lift is to improve the facial oval and to reduce muscular and cutaneous sagging of the neck and cheeks. It attenuates deepened nasolabial folds and « bitterness » wrinkles to the corner of the mouth. A face lift can remove a decade or twelve years to from the apparent age, but it will never restore the exact face as it was before because not only do skin and muscles alter with age, but the bone structures and teeth as well which (cheekbones, jaw-line) which is Impossible to change. Its effects are maintained for 10 years, nevertheless a face-lift may be performed two times in the course of a lifetime. The facelift is for th elower half of the face, and has no effect onf the upper half. The temporal lift is for the upper half and has no effect on the lower half. The combination of both is called a full facelift.


Additional procedures that can be done together with a Facelift :

- Liposuction to the neck and jowls.
- Fat transfer, to the tear through area, or cheekbones or nasolabial folds.
- Upper face lift (temporal and brow lift).
- Upper and or lower bleparoplasty.
- A Rhinoplasty or a chin augmentation if required.
- Hyaluronic acid injections.
- Botox injections (botulinum toxin).
- Facepeel & Laser skin resurfacing.




Non-invasive non-surgical cosmetic Medicine can address some problems ageing problems such as : Wrinkles, folds, crease, depression, furrow, crow's feet, line, crow's foot, frown line. Then the skin itself need rejuvenation by non-invasive non-surgical techniques to improve these imperfectness, defects,flaws and imperfections. Botox , Hyaluronic injections dermal fillers are walkin procedures.

Review Dr.Philippe Chout Botox & Hyaluronic acid injections.


Botox : Wrinkles & Lines anti-aging treatments.

Wrinkles filling by the same injection technique or with non-permanent fillers such as hyaluronic acid or dermal fillers. Wrinkle and lines can be treated by botox injections. 

Face peels are used by Dr. Philippe Chout for skin resurfacing with diluted trichloracetic acid TCA for lines around the mouth, or fine lines on the cheeks, after a preparation with retinoic acid creams.

hayluronic acid and dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are substances that are injected just below the surface of the skin to fill in lines, wrinkles, and scars. Unlike face-lifts that stretch the skin, fillers add volume for a more natural youthful appearance. Fillers can also increase the fullness of the lips (see section on lip enhancement) and lessen the downward slant of the corner of lips. The most common areas treated are the smile lines around the nose and mouth, fine lines above the mouth, frown lines between the eyes, and acne scars.
Read more about wrinkles Botox and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers ...


Chers visiteurs, je suis le docteur Philippe Chout et je suis inscrit sous le numéro 64 900-75 sur le registre des spécialistes en Chirurgie plastique réparatrice et esthétique à l'Ordre des Médecins de Paris de façon continue depuis 1999, et dans la Confédération Helvétique sous le numéro 41347 depuis 2009. Ma pratique principale est actuellement en France, je consulte dans un cabinet privé au numéro 21 avenue George V, à Paris dans le huitième arrondissement. J'opère à la Clinique des Champs Elysées proche du cabinet, et aussi à la Clinique Mont-Louis à Paris dans le onzième arrondissement. Je ne pratique plus au Royaume Uni.

Les opérations de chirurgie esthétique que je pratique sont le lifting cervicofacial, rajeunissement du cou et du visage, la blépharoplastie esthétique la rhinoplastie chirurgie esthétique du nez, la génioplastie du menton, l'augmentation ou le lifting des lèvres, la blépharoplastie chirurgie esthétique des paupières, la lipoaspiration et la liposculpture de la silhouette, mollets, jambes, cuisses, fesses,abdomen, bras. Mais aussi le transfert de graisse aussi appelé lipofilling, la plastie abdominale, l'augmentation mammaire par prothèses et le lifting des seins.

je pratique en dehors de la convention avec la sécurité sociale, aucune intervention n'est remboursée, ni par la sécurité sociale ni par les mutuelles. Les soins de Médecine esthétique sont le Botox, les injections d'acide hyaluronique, le laser de resurfacing cutané, les peelings, l'ipl et le thermage.

La chirurige esthétique permet de retrouver le bien-être et la confiance en soi en enlevant des complexes pénibles

Je suis le Docteur Philippe Chout et je suis enchanté de pouvoir vous parler de ma passion. Je suis Chirurgien plasticien en chirurgien et j'ai une prédilection pour l'embellissement et le rajeunissement du Visage. Je suis un perfectionniste. Je suis né en France et j'y ai été éduqué par mes deux parents qui étaient enseignants. Je dois reconnaître que, pour ce qui est de l'éducation, ce pays tient ses promesses... J'ai été reçu troisième au très élitiste concours de l'Internat des Hopitaux de Paris en 1989. Il y avait 2500 candidats, et seulement 300 reçus. Je me félicite d'avoir été formé à Paris pendant les six annéesde mon internat dans les meilleurs services de Chirurgie réparatrice, par les meilleurs chirurgiens plasticiens de France, d'Europe et du Monde en fait ! J'ai obtenu un DES de chirurgie plastique réparatrice et esthétique en 1996 au terme de six annnées d'internat dans les meilleurs services de Chirurgie plastique parisien. J'ai ensuite été nommé Chef de Clinique à la faculté de Médecine, Assitant des Hôpitaux pendant deux années supplémentaires, de 1996 à 1998 à l'hôpital Ambroise Paré à Boulogne (département des Haut-de-Seine). Cela m'a conféré une bonne connaisance de l'anatomie et des techniques opératoires les plus difficiles. J'ai donc reçu une formation d'élite dans cette vaste spécialité qu'est la chirurgie plastique. Si vaste d'ailleurs qu'il est indispensable pour exceller de s'y trouver une sub-spécialité. Je me suis spécialisé dans l'Embellissement et le rajeunissement du Visage.

J'ai eu la chance de séjourner longuement à l' étrangers, en particulier à Rio de Janeiro au Brésil et de recevoir les conseils et l' enseignement direct par certain des chirurgiens esthétiques les plus talentueux au Monde. En les observant, en les admirant j'ai conclu qu'en matière de Beauté, peut-être est ce que les connaissances médicales et techniques ne suffisent pas ... Ils semblaient avoir non seulement une technique impeccable mais aussi une certaine inspiration...

Le Docteur Philippe Chout, Chirurgien plasticien spécialiste qualifié à Paris et à Genève vous donnera en consultation des informations sur la de Médecine esthétique et les interventions de chirurgie esthétique, son avis sur leurs bénéfices, leurs limites et leurs risques, ainsi que les tarifs.

Bienvenue sur le site internet review du dr philippe chout specialiste de la chirurgie d'embellissement et d'harmonisation des traits du visage. La Beauté est abordée ici, dans cette très longue page traitant de la rhinoplastie chirurgie esthétique du nez, des liftings,pour le rajeunissement du visage et du cou, lifting cervico-facial, ou temporal et frontal. Elle traite également de la lipoaspiration qui est le retrait permanent de graisse, appelée aussi liposuccion ou liposculpture quand il y est associé un transfert de la graisse par lipofilling . Les soins anti-age et anti-ride, la toxine botulique le botox, les laser, les pellings et l'acide hyaluronique sont aussi expliqués.

< La chirurgie de féminisation du visage est parfois indiquée pour féminiser les traits du visage après du changement de genre sexuel pour passer du sexe masculin au sexe fémiinin. le transfert de graisse est très efficace dans cettte indication.

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Beauty Design Surgery. This 30 years old Lady, had a severe facial dysharmony, severe lack of chin projection, descending eyes slants, dropping cheeks and jowls, nose bump too big. She benefited from a Beauty Design Surgery by Dr. Philippe Chout. A rhinoplasty, nose reduction surgery, a chin augmentation with an implant, temporal model lift, eyes corner lift by canthopexy, fat transfer to the cheekbones. An attractive, very natural and youthful facial appearance is obtained.

Video before / after ethnic rhinoplasty, asian nose westernization reshaping surgery.

This young asian Chinese Lady wanted a westernization surgery ethnic rhinoplasty. She benefited from this ethnic rhinoplasty with a cartilage graft from her ear, and got Western nose, pointy with a higher bridge.

Video before after Lips augmentation by Hyaluronic acid injection

Video before/after lips augmentation with Hyaluronic acid injections. Natural lips appearance filmed 15 minutes afer the injections in the consultation room. Anaesthesia with Emla lignocaïn cream, plus lignocain in the injected hyaluronic acid.

Vidéo avant /après augmentation mammaire par prothèses et transfert de graissse (seins et fesses)

Cette jeune femme a bénéficié d'une augmentation mammaire par prothèse posée par voie axillaire et complétée par un transfert de graisse dans le décoletté et les fesses

Vidéo. before / after breast augmentation. Review Dr. Philippe

This young Lady benefited from breast augmentation with siicone implants, large breast enlargement generous cleavage. The patient's size Bra grew from a small B cup (not even full) to a full D cup bra. The implants do not show at all and you cannot feel them at all when touching, the breast is soft.


Cette jeune femme a bénéficié d'une lipoaspiration de l'abdomen et des flancs et d'un transfert de graisse dans les fesses. La vidéos permet de voir les différentes étapes de la guérison notamment l'aspect au 8ème jour avec les ecchymoses, l'oèdème et la gaine. Le résultat est toujours différé de six semaines au minimum.

Après les grossesses, le corps de cette mère de trois enfants était très abîmé. Elle a bénéficié d'une liposculpture avec transfert de graisse dans les fesses, abdominoplastie et changement des prothèses mammaires avec une mastopexie. Depuis le scandales des implants en mauvais silicone pip, il est erecommandé d'utiliser les prothèses eurosiicone en chirurgie esthétique ou en chirurgie plastique reconstructrice , ou lors du changement de genre sexuel pour passer du sexe masculin au sexe fémiinin. Videos avant après chirurgie esthétique par Docteur Philippe Chout chirurgien esthétique plasticien à Paris et Genève

La Médecine Esthétique du visage


. Le Botox : effacement temporaire des rides par la toxine botulique
. L 'Acide Hyaluronique : le comblement des rides et des sillons nasogéniens
. Le Resurfacing cutané par le Laser ou le Peeling
. La Mésothérapie douce anti-ride
. La Radiofréquence (Thermage)
. Le Photo rajeunissement visage et cou par la lumière pulsée IPL

Les Opérations de Chirurgie esthétique du Visage

La Rhinoplastie esthétique.
L'augmentation des Lèvres, ou le lifting des lèvres
La réduction des Lèvres.
La Génioplastie d'augmentation du Menton.
La Génioplatie de réduction du Menton.
La Profiloplastie : nez + menton
Le Transfert de Graisse (lipostructure ou lipofilling)
L'ablation des Boules de Bichat: réduction des Joues
La Chirurgie d'Embellissement du Visage.

La Chirurgie de Rajeunissement du Visage.
La Blépharoplastie, Chirurgie esthétique des Paupières.
Le Lifting du Visage et du Cou.
Le Lifting Temporal,frontal Mid-face lift.
La Pince temporale mannequin modifiée La canthopexie et la canthoplastie du coin des yeux


Chirurgie esthétique de la Silhouette

La Lipoaspiration et la liposculpture, traitement de la cellulite.
La réduction des seins de l'homme , traitement de la gynécomastie
Le Lipofilling par transfert de graisse, la lipostructure,
L'augmentation du volume ou le lifting des Fesses
La Dermolipectomie : plastie abdominale ou abdominoplastie.
La brachoplastie , Plastie des Bras

L'Augmentation mammaire par prothèses des Seins.
L'augmentation mammaire par transfert de graisse
La Plastie mammaire de réduction et lifting des Seins
L'augmentation du décolleté par transfert de graisse La Chirurgie intime de la Femme



Liposuction, liposculpture, fat tranfer, lipofilling, tummy tuck are the most common body contouring surgical procedures.. Liposuction is a procedure to remove permanently excess adipose tissue fat.

These thick deposits of fat forming a thick subcutaneous layer that modify the body outline. For example on hips, abdomen or thighs “jodhpur thighs “. It cannot treat or eliminate alone the dimples of cellulite the “ peau d’orange” aspect (pigskin oedema) of the skin, which corresponds to real cellulites, neither the stretch marks nor rippling skin. Best results are obtained on rather slim women who are embarrassed by two or three moderate stubborn fat deposits, particularly when her weight is stabilized or after she has lost 2 – 3kgs. Liposuction fat removal does not give good results when important dietary problems exist, and is not a treatment for obesity or bulimia of which treatment is a drastic change in nutrition habits before and after liposuction body contouring. Cost and prices of liposuction procedure is between 2000 euros ad 6000 euros. this procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia if the amount to be removed is fairly modrate.

Photos and video of Liposuction surgery results. Visit Liposuction page to see the Videos.

This young Lady, benefited from a liposuction and fat transfer.


Thsi lady benefited from a Mommy tuck after three pregnancies. I did perform in two stages a tummy tuck abdominoplasty, a breast augmentation and mastopexy with silicon implants and a fat tranfer to the buttocks. The tummy tuck scar is placed very low in order to allow the Lady to feel comfortabel and attractive in Bikini and lingerie. The bodyshape obtained is good looking and attaractive.



The smartest patients ask me to provide them with a full advice and say : HOW CAN I LOOK MY BEST? I look at them as a whole and on top of my csometic surgery advice and schedule , I addise them about food and even gym in order to maximise their visual improvement and youth. The food plans is very helpful , the point is not restriction, but selection of delicious food that would be at the same time good for skin, hair, healing, body or soul...

nutrition esthetique régime diet dr med philippe chout geneve paris



Breast is the ultimate symbol of attaractiveness and femininity.
nice breast dr Philippe Chout results after breast augmentation and fat transfer

Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and uplift, Mastopexy, mammoplasty procedures.

I am very proud to show my breast and bodies surgery results. These ladies often look very attractive after these surgeries. Breast augmentation surgery uses silicone breast implants placed behind the pectoralis muscle, behind the breast the actual patient's breast tissue. The quality of the result is related to the patient's skin, fat layer and deeper tissue quality. The result is better when the Lady is not too skinny , other wises some rippling and double bubble ay show. The treatment for these is the fat transfer that should ideally be performed together with the initial surgery. Sometimes when the areola are too big , too low or sagging breast requires a breast up-lift or mastopexy . My technique is either round-block with a scar only around the areola or if very sagging with a vertical scar as well (rarely though) . The breast reduction is a different procedure called mammoplasty.

Photo of breast after enlargement with silicon implants.

An attractive bust, and a nice cleavage obtained after a breast augmenation combining silicone implants and a fat transfer to the breast under the skin, in the clevage area. It is wise to combine a fat transfer to the breast augmentation with silicone implants in order to avoid the visible rippling or to make suere that the implants are not perceived when touching the breast. Watch the full story in my breast surgery information page . . .


Video Dr. Philippe Chout reviews breast augmentation before / after

Large Breast augmentation with high profile silicon filled impalnt cohesive gel, via the areola. The breast is soft.

Video before after Breast Augmentation surgery, Dr. Philippe Chout reviews silicone implants.

Dr. Philippe Chout Breast augmentation from a 32 A Cup to a 24 D cup, with silicone implant placed via an incision hidden in the armpit. A nice and fuller bikini cleavage was obtained. Patient's answer at minute 03:00 of the video track, to Dr.Philippe Chout question : " were you worried before the operation ?" Patient's answer quote : " Not really because I have many friends who have had things and procedures done by you, their breast done, noses,liposuction, so no I wasn't worried as they were all very happy". At minute 3:52 of the video track, Dr. Chout say : "... so you wanted to have your Bikini Breast and you've got them... Are you happy ? Patient's answer, quote : " Yes ! Really very very happy... Its a very happy Bikini story, thank you very much Doctor Chout!" end of patient's quote.

Video review Dr. Philippe Breast augmentation surgery before /after.

This young Lady, benefited from siicone implant small breast augmentation. 240 cc implants placed through an axilla approach. Very natural appearance and touch, having breast implants does not mean automatically looking fake !

Breast augmentation with silicone implant through an axilla approach behind the pectoralis muscle. Visit my breast surgery page
dr Philippe Chout breast augmentation expert result silicone and fat transfer
dr Philippe Chout breast augmentation expert result silicone and fat transfe




Dr. Philippe Chout has a 12 years experience in welcoming international Patients travellers.

They will find easily an accommodation close to my office and clinic in the lavish and Champs Elysées area (75008). I recommend to book via the website and forum . I can otherwise provide the international clientele with tips about where to go.... The area is nice and have a very good serurity, Plenty of Police guards the surrounding Embassies. Plenty restaurants and hotels are in these safe streets as well. Alternatively they can accommodate close to Mont-Louis Clinic. The Marais area (75004) next to the Bastille Place is the best choice ...

Review Dr. Philippe Chout accomodations and hotel for international patients travellers.

International patients are very welcome.We will help to organize your Medical Tour abroad.



The Four Seasons hotel, The Prince de Galles, Hotel de Sers, La Maison des Champs Elysées, the Pershing Hall, Hotel Beauchamps are located at a walking distance from both my privae office and the Champs Elysées Clinique.

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